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Why Is A Strong Branding Crucial to My Small Business?

Because it is the entity through which you articulate! Brand will add value to your identity, today and in the future. It is the true representation of who you are as a business, what you offer the world. and how you wish the world to perceive it.

What makes a great Website?

  • Responsive Design

    Creating a website that is appropriate enough to work on every device and screen size, whether the device is small or large, desktop or mobile. It is focused around providing a gratifying and intuitive experience for everyone.

  • User-Friendly

    Your website has to be user friendly and should have some essential characters learnability, efficiency and memorability. It should be easily workable and accessible to others. Understanding these facts and applying the concepts will significantly improve your website.

  • Minimalism

    Many businesses are taking web design back to the basics with minimalistic designs and layouts. Websites are featuring fewer pages, with simpler designs and more blank space. Some websites are also implementing what’s referred to as “Flat Design”.

Types of Websites to Choose for My Business?

01. eCommerce Websites: A few clicks is all it takes! With an ecommerce online store, you can easily get your products and services sold out without physically being there. Thus, saving a lot of your time, energy, and money. 02. Business Websites: This is the most significant element of a bigger marketing plan, providing existence to your small/big business. This is the place you attempt your marketing actions and drive traffic! 03. Blog: All your passions, thoughts, and message behind your brand can be shared here. It’s the place to articulate and let the world know what you feel!

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What Colors to Choose For my Websites?

Making the right decision on what colors to choose for your brand helps understand the target audience better so that you can promote your products accordingly and effectively.

Step 1: Know What Meanings Are Associated with Every Color

Colors have different connotations attached to them depending on the type of industry, the location of your brand, and the culture it fits in. Make sure to do your research and choose colors that are hit for your business.

Step 2: Consider Your Target Audience and Their Likes and Dislikes

They say that men mostly fall for dark colors, such as Black and Blue, while women find light colors attractive such as White and Pink. Find who you are targeting so the decision becomes easier.

Step 3: Be Careful About the Color Combinations

Professionals recommend to using a background color for every website, along with a base and accent color. Do your findings and ensure to keep the percentages of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors spot on!

What Fonts To use For My Website?

Fonts and colors go hand in hand. Make sure to go with a font that is perfect for your industry, audience, and design.

  • Script fonts: elegant, affectionate, creative
  • Serif fonts: traditional, reliable
  • Sans serif: stable, steady, clean
  • Modern: strong, stylish
  • Display: friendly, unique

Is A Style-Guide Significant? What are Its Elements?

Of course, it is! If you do not have a style guide of your own, you are most likely to be stamped out soon. No matter how big or small your industry is, following a standard and making it your trademark will not only set you apart from the rest but also increase your ROI in no time.

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