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Building Smarter Mobile Applications for Smart UsersScalable and futuristic mobile development services of Hybrid iOS and Android Apps made to deliver universal user-engagement

Hybrid iOS App Development Services The Superior Solutions at Once!

Our iOS application development experts ensure to offer an easy, intuitive, and convenient interface for all the Apple users out there. With the exceptional iOS platform at UptownWebsiteWorks, we make applications that are not just flexible and faster but according to the client's needs and expectations. Our team is proficient in UI and UX based iPhone App Development with a knack of multi-paradigm language Swift. Our expertise, combined with our experience, has placed us in the perfect place to develop the application of your dreams.

  • Gaming Apps
  • Mortgage Apps
  • Shopping Apps
  • Utility Apps

Android App Let the Apps take The Strain!

The Android applications we create are explicitly intuitive to the list of your requirements and expectations. Our panel of experts has an in-depth comprehension of Java Software Development Kit (JDK), Android Native Development Kit (ADK), and Android Software Development (SDK) with additional Kotlin and C++ expertise, in case you want your custom app development serval written in them. There literally is no technical feature we cannot offer!

  • Gaming Apps
  • Mortgage Apps
  • Shopping Apps
  • Utility Apps

Augmented Reality Helping Dreams become Reality!

The Augmented Reality app development service is a new way of maintaining long-term market relevance. Our Augmented Reality applications assist businesses of all kinds to enter the market and stay at the upfront. We are bound to make complex manuals that help users stay informed engagingly.

  • Marker-Based Augmented Reality
  • Marker-less Augmented Reality
  • Projection Augmented Reality
  • Superimposition Based Augmented Reality
Reach Native Apps The React Native Apps of Champions!

Create a native application for both iOS and Android devices with our excellent services using a single codebase. Our rich react native library at UptownWebsiteWorks, we can develop react native applications with an intuitive UX and a dynamic UI. Get our powerful apps at low costs for multiple platforms with minimum development times.

  • Server-Side APIs
  • Migrating jQuery/Native Script
  • Personalized App Development
  • App Maintenance
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Mobile Games We Let You Play Better!

The UptownWebsitesWorks’ software developer experts follow the latest development methodologies for giving you incredible mobile gaming experience. We ensure 100% quality of standards for every mobile game application with some of the rarest features that keep you addicted to the game. Our goal is to deliver gaming solutions that make the grade in the gaming industry.

  • Isometric Games
  • 3D Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Educational Games
Cross Platform Reach Out to Million with Us!

We understand that every customer's only motto reaching out to us is to create touchpoints with their customers. That is why we ensure to stay committed and offer the best avenues for them to stay connected with their potential audiences. Our cross-platform development services help your products live high on the hog.

  • Game Apps
  • Utility Apps
  • Ecommerce Apps
  • Enterprise Apps

Begin Upon The Right Foot! Take a glimpse into some of the exceptional work we have done so far!

Herman’s World

Herman’s world is a brand owned by a New York-based fashion designer, gaining a reputation for exceptional office wear. They came to us looking for ways to optimize their brand reach. With this e-commerce mobile app, they were able to provide their customers the quality service and products, which helped them build a credible clientele over a short time period. Now they enjoy a huge clientele and several loyal customers!

Mindful Body Fitness

Instead of getting people to come to a gym and pay a fee for their own fitness, Mindful came up with an idea to reach out to people more effectively, through an app, motivating, tracking and training people on a daily basis. We designed their app with a build in trainer guide, tracking system, and music syncing system. Making it a go-to app for thoAustraliands of people. Our client surely benefitted aplenty.

Young at Heart

We assisted our client with brand revamp, changed the look and interface of the app, making it more attractive and user-friendly in the customization process. We added thoAustraliands of customization elements, making the app fun to use, dynamic and enhancing both its look and Australiability. Our customer has expanded their reach ever since the revamp.

Plan Smart Planner

A quick signup, easy selection of dates and paying method is what we planned in this app for our client Plan Smart Planner. We strategically planned and developed a secure payment process which allowed our customers to ensure their clients about their app. Now they have gained a reputation for excellent travel planner in their region, we also assisted them with branding strategy and now they enjoy a large number of loyal customers.

Two Pesos

Our client came to us with a creative name “Two Pesos” an incredible idea! We made their dream come true with this app which is easy to use and simple. It includes all restaurants, cafes and other eatery options the user can select from. They run their bikes to deliver ordered food to their users. Their efficiency along with our user-friendly interface has taken their business to another level altogether.

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Our Comprehensive Process Our Process Is Simple And Aims At Delivering Flawless Results For Every Project


After you place the order, our management team will start researching the business and competitors, understanding what clients want, and planning how to implement it. We make sure to develop an application that helps you stand out from the crowd and effectively communicate with your audience.


We then will create a design after the ideation stage and deliver it for review. If you want anything changed with the design or layout, it is taken into consideration right away, so that the final product is according to your expectation.


Our team of developers will get to work and develop your application and make sure the application is compatible with all mobile devices, Android, or iPhone. If you want specific animations, you can simply send a request via chat or call, and we will get it done right away.


We believe there is always room for improvement and excellence, and thus our doors are open for that. Whether you want a minute change in the content and layout or want the whole application re-written and redesigned, we are there to turn it into the final approval.


Once you are 100% satisfied with your application, we move onto the next step, uploading. You can get it uploaded on either Apple Store or Play Store and Windows App Store or all these three.

Maintenance and Evolution

Our job is not done here. Our team will help you at every step, even after uploading your mobile application. We handle any issues with function or design because we believe your satisfaction is the only way we can succeed.

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    Ines Beike Herman’s World of
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    Sports Goods

  • I took a whole package, which was surprisingly reasonably priced, I did so because I was impressed by the customer support, once the work started coming in, I was amazed how crazy creative this lot is! Exceptional work! Wonderful outcome! Each and everything is just superb. My go-to agency for sure!

    Anosh Khanola Mindful

  • Account manager Jordyn was a super sweet and incredibly pro! She assisted me with each and everything I required and took prompt action on each task. My website, logo, mobile app looks fabulous! I have been able to reach a lot of credible clients because of them! Looking forward to work with them again!

    Numa Abir Plan Smart Planner
    - Travel planner

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